Why we exist Why we exist We want to help you put the customer at the centre of your business, because we believe this is crucial to creating value.
How we work How we work We use Customer Science® to build and improve your customer facing programs & activities with data-driven insights.
What we do What we do We use a combination of consulting and best-in-class technology to deliver exceptional lifecycle marketing, customer experience & loyalty services.
The Journey  
Step 1 Diagnose

Customer Strategy

  • Proven strategic frameworks to develop your customer strategy; supported by robust financial modelling, a Balanced Scorecard, customer journeys and strategy maps 

Data & Systems Diagnostic

  • Detailed analysis of your customers behaviours and characteristics

Customer Journey Mapping 

  • Diagnose and optimise customer journeys to ensure highly relevant experiences and maximum customer lifetime value 

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Step 2 Design

Customer Segmentation 

  • Analysis, grouping and profiling of customers into value-based segments to inform loyalty, lifecycle and targeted marketing strategy

Voice of Customer Programs 

  • Design and management of best-practice customer feedback programs in order to deliver optimal customer experiences 


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Step 3 Implement

Loyalty PulseSM

  • Loyalty strategy development including; design and build of new programs and the evaluation and enhancement of existing propositions

Marketing Automation 

  • Design of behavioural marketing programs; guiding implementation of marketing technology to achieve highly responsive automated marketing and ROI


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Step 4 Optimise

Return on Loyalty®

  • Accurately measure the ROI of your loyalty program and retention initiatives with proven analytical techniques, an easy-to-use interface to access reports, and expert consulting to interpret insights. Return on Loyalty®, why guess when you can know...

Onboarding & Lifecycle Design 

  • Strategic design of lifecycle marketing roadmaps; including customer journey mapping and lifecycle marketing treatments to ensure maximum customer lifetime value

Engagement Scoring 

  • Multi-variate scoring models to measure member engagement and optimise marketing investments 




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Your Partner in Customer Science®

Customer Science® represents our data-driven methods and techniques.

We create value for our clients by applying Customer Science® across the full spectrum of the customer experience.

This scientific approach is necessary because customer needs change over time: there is no typical market, and there is no typical customer.

Please get in touch to find out how we can bring clarity and certainty to your customer-focused decisions, creating sustained competitive advantage and delivering a positive and predictable ROI.


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Our Clients

We’ve helped many companies on their journey to becoming customer centric. Here’s a selection of some of our recent successful engagements.

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Getting Started With Segmentation
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Rewards Lead To Engagement
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