Loyalty Proposition Roadmap


Retailer required help coordinating a loyalty proposition across multiple sectors, including grocery, DIY and liquor. Ellipsis provided expert loyalty advice including educating the senior executive leadership team on loyalty strategy and rationale.


Ellipsis provided Loyalty advisory support and developed a 4-phase roadmap to develop the new loyalty proposition. This included, identifying and incorporating Strategy development, Commercial framework, Operational framework and Delivery/Launch.

Ellipsis also supported commercial discussions with partners, program operators and technology companies to build the loyalty proposition.


Ellipsis enabled senior executive alignment around loyalty strategy and roadmap. Alignment was also reached within business pillars (grocery, DIY etc.) to participate in a unified approach to group loyalty.

Ellipsis also helped with the successful selection of external partners to support loyalty implementation.

Meet the Team

Tim Tyler
Tim Tyler Managing Partner
Tim Tyler Sydney
David Parsons
David Parsons Managing Partner
David Parsons Sydney

Services Used

Customer Strategy
Customer Strategy

Our framework to develop a customer strategy and construct a strategy map supported by a Balanced Scorecard

Data & Insights
Data & Insights

Detailed analysis of your customers' behaviours and characteristics

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