Partnership Strategy Development


In response to the growing popularity of retail subscriptions, eBay launched eBay Plus, offering free shipping on most eBay items and enhanced shopper benefits.

eBay required help to strengthen the eBay Plus value proposition, and Ellipsis was engaged to help evaluate partnering opportunities and inform decision making.


Ellipsis developed a commercial and legal framework to evaluate the optimal partnership structure and brand positioning.

A financial model was created to quantify the opportunity, understand key drivers of cost, and forecast likely incremental revenues under various scenarios.

An implementation roadmap provided insight into the required workstreams, and offered a framework for partner business development.


Ellipsis worked collaboratively with eBay to support partner negotiations, develop the implementation roadmap, and shape the broader strategic approach to eBay Plus within business.

Meet the Team

David Parsons
David Parsons Managing Partner
David Parsons Sydney
Alex Lehwaldt
Alex Lehwaldt Principal
Alex Lehwaldt Melbourne

Services Used

Partner Strategy
Partner Strategy

Strategic approach for attracting, retaining and growing partner relationships.

Financial Modelling
Financial Modelling

Building detailed multi-scenario financial models, including AI simulations

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