Getting Started With Segmentation
Getting Started With Segmentation 20 August, 2018 We present our simple guide and tips to getting started with segmentation and automation, including how to create personas and why getting the fundamentals correct is still important. Learn More
Rewards Lead To Engagement
Rewards Lead To Engagement 23 May, 2018 Find out why reward redemption matters, and a range of typical reward options offered to members. We’ve also included the advantages and drawbacks for each option and how to find... Learn More
Removing Friction In Loyalty
Removing Friction In Loyalty 26 February, 2018 We discuss the emerging disruption to the loyalty market coming from card-linking technology, and how both banks and program operators can take advantage of these innovations Learn More
Loyalty Strategy Depends On Program Age
Loyalty Strategy Depends On Program Age 8 November, 2017 We share our insights into effective loyalty measurement and how to maintain the ROI of your program. Insights include how to factor the age of the program, and the importance... Learn More
Credit Card Loyalty - How Much Is Enough
Credit Card Loyalty - How Much Is Enough 7 September, 2017 We present our perspective on interchange across Australia, New Zealand, America and the United Kingdom, and discuss how much is enough to run a credit card loyalty program and engage... Learn More
Measuring Loyalty ROI
Measuring Loyalty ROI 5 June, 2017 We discuss the challenges and solutions with measuring retention and loyalty ROI. Return on Loyalty® helps you clearly measure and improve the ROI of your customer investments. Learn More
Return on Loyalty
Return on Loyalty 3 July, 2017 Media Release... Return on Loyalty® is a new data-led consulting offering that allows clients to accurately measure the return on their loyalty and customer retention initiatives Learn More
Rethinking Loyalty
Rethinking Loyalty 9 February, 2017 We discuss our thoughts on the controversial argument that in an age of ‘Big Data’, loyalty programs are less important. We also share our 5-step relationship marketing roadmap. Learn More
CX Lessons Learned for 2016
CX Lessons Learned for 2016 9 February, 2017 SuiteCX Guest Article. Find out the customer experience lessons learned for 2016. This article discusses real customer experience is about insights, integration, and impact. Learn More
Data Governance 101
Data Governance 101 12 May, 2016 Guest Article by Data Republic. Find out what’s preventing you from creating a data-driven culture and get advice on data governance in this new ebook from Data Republic. ... Learn More
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