Sophisticated tools for customer insight, program measurement, financial optimisation, and ongoing reporting

Return on Loyalty<sup>®</sup>
Return on Loyalty®

Proven analytical techniques, an easy-to-use interface to access reports and expert consulting to interpret insights with actionable recommendations

Ellipsis understand that measuring your loyalty program ROI can be difficult. Return on Loyalty® has been created to help you clearly understand how your customer strategies are performing, which channels are working, attribute loyalty ROI and the impact in the wider market. Return on Loyalty®, why guess when you can know...

Reward Thresholds
Reward Thresholds

An analytical approach to setting or assessing aspirational burn thresholds to manage program investments and return

Ellipsis understand that in a successful engagement program, setting of appropriate rewards levels is crucial to changing customer behaviour. Our methodological approach balances reward qualification with program cost to achieve an optimal outcome.

Onboarding & Lifecycle Design
Onboarding & Lifecycle Design


Strategic design of lifecycle marketing roadmaps; including customer journey mapping and lifecycle marketing treatments to ensure maximum customer lifetime value

Ellipsis’ understand that effective onboarding and lifecycle strategy is critical for ongoing customer value. We design automated triggers and targeted treatments to maximise engagement throughout the loyalty cycle.



Our multi-brand skin care and beauty client had many retail loyalty programs running globally, but they were generally local, stand-alone initiatives, often a competitive response. Responding quickly to market dynamics did not always allow methodical program design nor a set of rigorous metrics that measured the sales and loyalty impact of their investment.

Over several years 20 programs were reviewed using a Loyalty ROI scorecard developed by Ellipsis with the client's CRM analytic teams in Asia, Europe and North America. This scorecard allows the program performance to be measured, with the assurance that the improvements are caused by the program, not coincidental or the result of self-selection by valuable customers. This approach is the heart of our Return on LoyaltySM product.


Insights from the operational 'drill downs' (that all use several years of transactional data) have also allowed Ellipsis to restructure rewards catalogues and thresholds to further optimise the programs, using our reward threshold setting methodology. In some markets, innovative 'open' reward catalogues have offered members exciting, unrivalled reward choices that have vitalised a category not always attracting frequent shopping visits.

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