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Alex Lehwaldt


Loyalty Program Design Expert


Tell us a bit about your background

I started my career at a blue chip company in Germany and was fortunate enough to travel to Australia with the business, where I spent a few months and absolutely loved it. After returning to Europe, I moved into Strategy Consulting with one of the big 4 consulting firms. I started in the Technology Strategy team and during my time there also worked across other disciplines such as innovation and customer experience.

While working in Europe I travelled a lot and discovered the world of loyalty from a consumer perspective. I signed up for many hotel, airline and other travel programs and found them fascinating. Their value proposition and the level of engagement they can create is intriguing. I’ve seen many people do extreme things for loyalty points such as booking a flight they don’t need, just to retain their airline status.

In 2017 I moved to Australia and soon after met 2 of the Ellipsis Managing Partners (Adam and David). We shared very similar views on customer experience, loyalty and strategy and I loved Ellipsis’ strong customer focus and loyalty expertise, so joining the team was a no brainer.

What’s your role at Ellipsis?

When joining Ellipsis I was excited to dive in, build customer loyalty strategies, and help clients create sustainable relationships with their customers – no matter whether this includes a loyalty program or not.

As a Principal, I’m leading our project teams but am also a contributor to our project deliverables. A significant part of my work also includes contributing to the development of Ellipsis capabilities and tools.

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