Sophisticated tools for customer insight, program measurement, financial optimisation, and ongoing reporting

Return on Loyalty
Return on Loyalty

Proven analytical techniques, an easy-to-use interface to access reports and expert consulting to interpret insights with actionable recommendations

Ellipsis understand that measuring your loyalty program ROI can be difficult. Return on Loyalty® has been created to help you clearly understand how your customer strategies are performing, which channels are working, attribute loyalty ROI and the impact in the wider market. Return on Loyalty®, why guess when you can know...

1:1 Personalisation
1:1 Personalisation

Treating different customers differently

Ellipsis’ personalisation approach includes detailed analysis to build personalisation based on your customers’ propensity to buy more, buy different or leave you.

Our Animal Pharmaceutical client ran a rewards program for vet practitioners, however the time consuming process to earn rewards points resulted in member dissatisfaction. Ellipsis conducted detailed research into global and local benchmark programs, and interviewed both internal stakeholders and customers to ascertain the optimum features for the new program.

Various program concepts were then developed for discussion and feedback, with the preferred structure being a new rebate program, where rebates were awarded should customers reach personalised growth targets.

Ellipsis conducted a detailed analysis of the customer data, and program targets were set using a combination of customer tiering and profiling, historical sales analysis, and product-level analysis.

Throughout the project, Ellipsis worked closely with the client’s marketing, finance and IT teams to ensure that the new program design would be appealing to customers, financially viable for the business, and easy to implement.

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