Case Studies

World First Loyalty Proposition
World First Loyalty Proposition Star Alliance & HSBC: Ellipsis developed an industry-first, highly compelling loyalty proposition. The HSBC Star Alliance Credit Card. Learn More
Loyalty Program Design
Loyalty Program Design Kathmandu: Ellipsis identified opportunities for program improvement, including long-term strategic, short-term tactical and program launch recommendations Learn More
Loyalty Strategy & Technology Selection
Loyalty Strategy & Technology Selection Medibank: Ellipsis supported the design and implementation of a health & wellness engagement strategy, Live Better. Learn More
Partnership Strategy Development
Partnership Strategy Development Ebay: Ellipsis was engaged to help evaluate partnering opportunities, this involved developing a commercial and legal framework to evaluate the optimal partnership structure and brand positioning. Learn More
Loyalty Program Review, Design and Modelling
Loyalty Program Review, Design and Modelling Priceline: Ellipsis conducted a program review to understand the effectiveness of program changes, and helped redesign the core proposition to maximise customer value. Learn More
Customer Segmentation & Headroom Analysis
Customer Segmentation & Headroom Analysis Farmlands: Ellipsis helped Farmlands to identity customer headroom within their range of categories. Data services also included shareholder segmentation and profiling. Learn More
Grower Engagement Strategy
Grower Engagement Strategy Nufarm: Ellipsis helped Nufarm to evolve their rewards program into a robust grower engagement strategy. Learn More
Marketing Process Re-design
Marketing Process Re-design Velocity Frequent Flyer: Ellipsis was engaged to redesign marketing campaign processes for the delivery of the highly personalised cross-channel member experiences. Learn More
Coalition Partner Value Proposition
Coalition Partner Value Proposition Velocity Frequent Flyer: Ellipsis was engaged to provide a strategic approach to enhance the Partner Value Proposition. Learn More
Data Strategy Roadmap
Data Strategy Roadmap Sydney Cricket Ground Trust: Ellipsis was engaged to deliver a data driven communication roadmap, to determine how to effectively use customer data and improve the perception of member value. Learn More
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