Medibank Live Better Loyalty Program


Ellipsis Supported the design and implementation of a health & wellness engagement strategy, Live Better.

The project engagement covered CVP design, financial modelling, and feasibility of implementation options.

Additional ongoing support was provided to source innovative technology, including vendor intelligence, benchmarking and selection.


Ellipsis Loyalty Consultants conducted detailed financial modelling to build a 3-year program business case, with multiple data inputs from Medibank’s financial and actuarial teams.

Ellipsis also worked with the program management team to develop an optimal program design and structure, which was benchmarked against global competitors.

Ellipsis continued to work with Medibank in sourcing, evaluating and onboarding cutting-edge technology vendors to implement the desired customer proposition.


The Live Better program was successfully launched to the total Medibank member base, via multiple direct and digital channels. Ellipsis modelling provides critical inputs into ongoing business planning

Ellipsis recommendations helped Medibank to implement the right technology to optimise the customer experience.

Meet the Team

Simon Rowles
Simon Rowles Partner
Simon Rowles Auckland
Alex Lehwaldt
Alex Lehwaldt Principal
Alex Lehwaldt Melbourne
Nicholas Bills
Nicholas Bills Senior Consultant
Nicholas Bills Melbourne
David Parsons
David Parsons Managing Partner
David Parsons Sydney

Services Used

Customer Value Analysis
Customer Value Analysis

Data-driven analysis to understand value distribution across the customer base and customer journey

Loyalty Program Design
Loyalty Program Design

Loyalty strategy development including; design and build of new programs and the evaluation and enhancement of existing propositions

Program Technology
Program Technology

Disciplined process to scan the market, engage, select and onboard core vendors.

Return on Loyalty®
Return on Loyalty®

Proven analytical techniques, an easy-to-use interface to access reports and expert consulting to interpret insights with actionable recommendations.

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