Loyalty Consulting Loyalty Consulting Designing and operating loyalty programs with proven methodologies and uncovering their incremental effects and return on investment.
Customer Strategy Customer Strategy Creating customer-centric strategies to help you make better decisions on customer investments.
Data Insights Data Insights Bringing clarity & greater certainty to your customer-focused decisions by leveraging internal & external data.
The Journey  
Your Partner in Customer Science®

We use Customer Science®, our proprietary methods and data-driven insights to deliver state of the art services that grow customer value and optimise performance. Customer Science® blends the best in Loyalty, Strategy and Data Insights. Ellipsis' Customer Science® approach is twofold: always...Put the customer first, and make data-driven decisions.

Our mission is to be the world’s best Customer Loyalty Company

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Our Clients

We’ve helped many companies on their journey to becoming customer centric. Here’s a selection of some of our recent successful engagements.

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Return on Loyalty®

Why guess when you can know...

Return on Loyalty® helps you clearly measure and improve the ROI of your customer investments.

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Are we in a Marketing Reformation?
Are we in a Marketing Reformation? 22 May 2024 Byron Sharp and The Ehrenberg-Bass Institute believe products with the best mental and physical availability grow to be the largest in their category. Find out our tips to achieve mental availability. Learn More
Privilege in Loyalty Programs
Privilege in Loyalty Programs 27 February 2024 We share why past spending is not always the best predictor of future value. If spending history is not a reliable guide to future purchasing value, consider adopting a more robust predictive model. Learn More
Coalition Loyalty Programs
Coalition Loyalty Programs 14 September 2023 We briefly examine the history, transformations, and emerging future of multi-partner loyalty programs and present the critical questions to ask as you ponder the loyalty program dilemma: order in, meal kit or dinner from scratch? Learn More
Woolworths Loyalty Program Secret
Woolworths Loyalty Program Secret 27 May 2024 Simon Rowles, New Zealand partner explains the ‘transformative secret sauce’ behind Woolworths’ loyalty program Read More
Map of Australia's $6bn loyalty market
Map of Australia's $6bn loyalty market 17 April 2024 Customer loyalty consultancy, Ellipsis, has launched what it's calling the inaugural map of Australia’s $6 billion loyalty solutions market. Read More
Ellipsis high-profile hires
Ellipsis high-profile hires 01 November 2023 Lucy Wilkinson, Lee Martin and Kelly Casey join the loyalty experts as it looks to deliver further ROI and grow customer value for more clients Read More
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