Loyalty Consulting Loyalty Consulting Designing and operating loyalty programs with proven methodologies and uncovering their incremental effects and return on investment.
Customer Strategy Customer Strategy Creating customer-centric strategies to help you make better decisions on customer investments.
Data Insights Data Insights Bringing clarity & greater certainty to your customer-focused decisions by leveraging internal & external data.
The Journey  
Your Partner in Customer Science®

We use Customer Science®, our proprietary methods and data-driven insights to deliver state of the art services that grow customer value and optimise performance. Customer Science® blends the best in Loyalty, Strategy and Data Insights. Ellipsis' Customer Science® approach is twofold: always...Put the customer first, and make data-driven decisions.

Our mission is to be the world’s best Customer Loyalty Company

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Our Clients

We’ve helped many companies on their journey to becoming customer centric. Here’s a selection of some of our recent successful engagements.

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Return on Loyalty®

Why guess when you can know...

Return on Loyalty® helps you clearly measure and improve the ROI of your customer investments.

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A Recipe for Customer Success  Instalment 1
A Recipe for Customer Success Instalment 1 19 October 2022 Welcome to our new content series! There are 4 instalments, in this first instalment learn about different types of competitive advantage and how they can affect customer loyalty. Look out for the next instalment. Learn More
A Recipe for Customer Success Instalment 2
A Recipe for Customer Success Instalment 2 18 October 2022 We hope you enjoyed the first instalment, in this next instalment Elsi and the team immerse themselves in the Sue Chef business and apply a customer lens to Sue-Chef ’s first-party customer data to gain insight into the customer experience. Learn More
A Recipe for Customer Success Instalment 3
A Recipe for Customer Success Instalment 3 17 October 2022 In instalment 3 Elsi and the team present their findings from the customer analysis to the Sue-Chef team. The team have constructed a picture of the customer base. Which group of customers will Elsi highlight as most valuable? Learn More
Automatic best-price is the next big thing
Automatic best-price is the next big thing 29 November 2022 Would you allow someone you trust to find a great financial deal – and take it for you automatically? Introducing Action Initiation, a new part of the Consumer Data Right. Read More
First party walled gardens
First party walled gardens 08 February 2022 CommBank is leading the counteroffensive against platforms that are eating the world, with Woolies, Coles and the major card providers hot on its heels. But what does that mean for everybody else? Read More
Battling Negative Online Customer Reviews
Battling Negative Online Customer Reviews 24 January 2022 We discuss how to combat negative online reviews with CMO Australia. 'the ultimate objective for brands right now needs to be to manage expectations. Be proactive" . Read More
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