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Loyalty Program Design
Loyalty Program Design

Loyalty strategy development including; design and build of new programs and the evaluation and enhancement of existing propositions

Ellipsis’ Loyalty Design begins with best practice research, benchmarking, and customer data analysis. Program constructs are refined, through to a preferred design, concluding with robust financial modelling and documentation of business requirements.

Customer Segmentation
Customer Segmentation

Analysis, grouping and profiling of customers into value-based segments inform loyalty, lifecycle and targeted marketing strategies

Ellipsis’ Customer Segmentation incorporates deep analysis of multi-year customer data to gather insights, identify trends, and develop rich data-driven personas.

Ellipsis conducted a deep analysis of 3 years’ customer data to identify four distinct customer segments. Each segment was profiled based on both booking and demographic attributes, including: age, average spend, booking frequency, booking interval, booking lead time and trip destination.

Targeted marketing treatments were then developed for each segment, and expected campaign ROI was modelled.

Additionally, Ellipsis completed customer journey mapping to identify quick win trigger campaign opportunities. These campaigns were designed to be triggered by key customer actions such as requesting a brochure or completing a post-trip survey.

Trigger marketing campaigns were then implemented in conjunction with Engage Digital, our Marketing Automation partner.

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