Spotlight Retail Group Analysis


Across both Spotlight and Anaconda brands, Spotlight Retail Group required help to evolve their marketing strategy to be data-driven, using innovative tools and insights to achieve higher performance and customer engagement. They also required help to report on ongoing campaign performance.


The Ellipsis team of loyalty consultants helped develop the evolution of a ‘modern marketing capability’ for Spotlight and Anaconda. A range of customer journeys were designed, supported by a robust business case for a phased implementation.

Ellipsis also developed a suite of dynamic dashboards which provide key insights on Campaign ROI, NPS, and market share – leveraging the Ellipsis Data Cloud.


Across both Spotlight and Anaconda brands, there has been a seen significant increase in performance improvement, as marketing migrates from low ROI to high ROI channels and campaigns.

Ellipsis segmentation insights have enabled campaign personalisation, to further improve customer engagement
An online reporting hub delivers insights to the client through Tableau, accessible 24/7 and automatically updated monthly.


Meet the Team

Lee Martin
Lee Martin Principal
Lee Martin Sydney
Christelle Swanepoel
Christelle Swanepoel Analyst
Christelle Swanepoel Sydney
Nicholas Bills
Nicholas Bills Senior Consultant
Nicholas Bills Melbourne

Services Used

Return on Loyalty®
Return on Loyalty®

Proven analytical techniques, an easy-to-use interface to access reports and expert consulting to interpret insights with actionable recommendations

Customer Insights
Customer Insights

Segmentation, customer journey analysis, profiling

Marketing Insights
Marketing Insights

Offer conversion, category association, channel performance

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