Nufarm Rewards Program


Nufarm is a global manufacturer of agricultural chemicals and fertilisers, headquartered in Australia.

Nufarm’s loyalty program for farmers required reinvigoration, due to rising competition from local and global players. Nufarm needed to evolve the basic rewards program into robust grower engagement strategy.


Ellipsis performed deep analysis of grower data to identify distribution of value across the grower segments, with significant differences in purchasing behaviour across between high and low-value growers.

Ellipsis also conducted our proprietary Return on Loyalty® analysis to identify key financial metrics of the loyalty program’s performance.


Ellipsis’ strategic roadmap recommended dividing activities into quick wins and medium-long term initiatives. Quick wins encompassed changes to the earn catalogue and rewards mix.

Strategic initiatives included qualitative and quantitative grower segmentations, with program evolution to target each segment with customised propositions.

Meet the Team

Tim Tyler
Tim Tyler Managing Partner
Tim Tyler Sydney
Ana Popovic
Ana Popovic Analyst
Ana Popovic Sydney

Services Used

Customer Insights
Customer Insights

Segmentation, customer journey analysis, profiling

Return on Loyalty®
Return on Loyalty®

Scientific measurement, validation and attribution of ROI from loyalty and marketing initiatives.

Loyalty Program Design
Loyalty Program Design

Loyalty strategy development including; design and build of new programs and the evaluation and enhancement of existing propositions

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