Rebel Loyalty Program


Super Retail Group required the help of Ellipsis loyalty consultants to investigate the health of the Rebel Active Loyalty Program.

This included developing the right design model for the evolution of a new program – enabling Rebel to better engage customers and own the health and fitness retail landscape.


Ellipsis started with a deep drive review of the rebel active program, with insights revealing high valued members were the most loyal.

The Ellipsis team of Loyalty Experts designed the construct and proposition for a high valued member tier program.


All marketing communication processes were reviewed as part of the project including the on-boarding process and online customer journey. Member only communication is now more relevant and engaging.

Meet the Team

Tim Tyler
Tim Tyler Managing Partner
Tim Tyler Sydney
David Parsons
David Parsons Managing Partner
David Parsons Sydney
Arlene Kohlenberg
Arlene Kohlenberg Senior Manager
Arlene Kohlenberg Sydney

Services Used

Program Design Review
Program Design Review

Diagnose and optimise your loyalty program

Customer Value Analysis
Customer Value Analysis

Data-driven analysis to understand value distribution across the customer base and customer journey.

Return on Loyalty®
Return on Loyalty®

Proven analytical techniques, an easy-to-use interface to access reports and expert consulting to interpret insights with actionable recommendations

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