Godiva Chocolatier Loyalty Program


Our client Godiva, a premium chocolate maker, operated ~30% of its stores (>250 brick-and-mortar stores) in Japan.

There was a unique opportunity to use the planned channel expansion (department stores and e-commerce) to significantly enhance and evolve the Godiva loyalty program following a deep-dive program evaluation.


Ellipsis initiated a data-led loyalty program review project using Return on Loyalty®. The project involved extensive analysis of value distribution, program operation and redemption performance.

The Ellipsis Loyalty Consulting team provided insights and recommendations on Operations, Marketing, and Program Design. The team also proposed quick-win actions based on project leanings.


Extensive boutique education and member engagement plans were rolled out to sales and marketing teams.

There was a significant improvement in scan rate, registration rate and contactability rate after launching quick-win plans.

Meet the Team

David Parsons
David Parsons Managing Partner
David Parsons Sydney
Tim Tyler
Tim Tyler Managing Partner
Tim Tyler Sydney
Alex Lehwaldt
Alex Lehwaldt Principal
Alex Lehwaldt Melbourne

Services Used

Return on Loyalty®
Return on Loyalty®

Proven analytical techniques, an easy-to-use interface to access reports and expert consulting to interpret insights with actionable recommendations

Program Design Review
Program Design Review

Diagnose and optimise your loyalty program

Customer Value Analysis
Customer Value Analysis

Data-driven analysis to understand value distribution across the customer base and customer journey.

Customer Insights
Customer Insights

Segmentation, customer journey analysis, profiling

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