Loyalty Programs and Exit Costs
Loyalty Programs and Exit Costs 29 July 2020 We discuss customer ‘lock-in’ tactics such as Early Termination Fees (ETFs) and the current “lawyer’s argument” that Loyalty Rewards can also be seen to ‘lock-in’ customers. Learn More
What is the Best Marketing Structure
What is the Best Marketing Structure 03 June 2020 The best marketing structure depends on your customer. We explore how to structure a customer centric marketing team, as your business starts to return and rebuild after Covid. Learn More
Customer Science in the Age of Privacy
Customer Science in the Age of Privacy 29 April 2020 We share how to identify ‘at risk’ customers and the importance of having access to accurate data, a challenge with the recent changes to the consumer privacy regulation across the globe. Learn More
The Attention Economy
The Attention Economy 23 March 2020 We discuss the fierce competition underway now in the banking and finance industry, to become the app of first choice for customers. Also sharing innovative financial start-ups that are grabbing attention. Learn More
Customer Life Events
Customer Life Events 20 November 2019 Ellipsis turned 5 this year, and this birthday inspired our latest white paper were we discuss the importance of understanding customer life events and the impact they have on engagement and switching. Learn More
Measuring your Return on CX
Measuring your Return on CX 17 April 2019 Can you measure the relationship between your CX initiatives and customer value? Find out how to measure the return from your investments in Customer Experience management Learn More
Disruptors In Loyalty
Disruptors In Loyalty 03 December 2018 We share the Ellipsis big 4 loyalty predictions for the end of 2018. We discuss our thoughts on what the main loyalty disruptions will be including technology (of course) Learn More
Getting Started With Segmentation
Getting Started With Segmentation 20 August 2018 We present our simple guide and tips to getting started with segmentation and automation, including how to create personas and why getting the fundamentals correct is still important. Learn More
Rewards Lead To Engagement
Rewards Lead To Engagement 23 May 2018 Find out why reward redemption matters, and a range of typical reward options offered to members. We’ve also included the advantages and drawbacks for each option and how to find the best solution for your business Learn More
Removing Friction In Loyalty
Removing Friction In Loyalty 26 February 2018 We discuss the emerging disruption to the loyalty market coming from card-linking technology, and how both banks and program operators can take advantage of these innovations Learn More
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