Measuring Return on Loyalty
Measuring Return on Loyalty 05 June 2017 We discuss the challenges and solutions with measuring retention and loyalty ROI. Return on Loyalty® helps you clearly measure and improve the ROI of your customer investments Learn More
CX Lessons Learned for 2016
CX Lessons Learned for 2016 09 February 2017 SuiteCX Guest Article. Find out the customer experience lessons learned for 2016. This article discusses real customer experience is about insights, integration, and impact... Learn More
Rethinking Loyalty
Rethinking Loyalty 09 February 2017 We discuss our thoughts on the controversial argument that in an age of ‘Big Data’, loyalty programs are less important. We also share our 5-step relationship marketing roadmap. Learn More
Targeted Customer Marketing
Targeted Customer Marketing 08 September 2016 Is this the end of targeted customer marketing? We discuss the book How Brands Grow and help answer the question, how do we reconcile this inconsistency between Brand Science and... Learn More
Integrating NPS with your Data Strategy
Integrating NPS with your Data Strategy 08 September 2016 How can NPS be used to Inform Marketing? This white paper investigates how you can integrate NPS with your data strategy to inform data-driven marketing and drive further impact and... Learn More
Surprise and Delight in Loyalty
Surprise and Delight in Loyalty 12 May 2016 Find out how to best use Surprise and Delight in your loyalty strategy without creating costly feelings of entitlement, and even to rescue high value customers after a poor service... Learn More
Data Governance 101
Data Governance 101 12 May 2016 Guest Article by Data Republic. Find out what’s preventing you from creating a data-driven culture and get advice on data governance in this new ebook from Data Republic. ... Learn More
Journey Mapping And Employee Engagement
Journey Mapping And Employee Engagement 18 February 2016 SuiteCX Guest Article. One of the most compelling reasons to conduct a journey mapping exercise is to get employees in the room and find ways to make a positive organisational... Learn More
One Cadillac or Six
One Cadillac or Six 03 February 2016 ‘One Cadillac or Six?’ takes away the mystery of understanding and measuring ‘customer life time value’. We reveal how life time value can be the starting point for growing your... Learn More
Loyalty Alchemy: Turning Points into Gold
Loyalty Alchemy: Turning Points into Gold 02 March 2015 Using points to treat different customers differently is what we call CustomerScience®. Converting stored value into a proposition which is meaningful for each customer. Learn More
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